Challenger 2E (1999) - as showcased in the Greek Army Trials

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The Challenger 2E tank, a variant of the British Challenger 2, was developed in the late 90s and early 2000s specifically for the export market, with significant enhancements aimed at appealing to international customers. This model incorporated more advanced technology and systems to improve performance, focused around an enhanced fire control system and improved engine power (the 1500hp Euro Powerpack). The development of the Challenger 2E was part of the UK’s efforts to showcase its capabilities in producing state-of-the-art military equipment suitable for varied operational requirements.

Between 1999 and 2001, the Challenger 2E participated in Greek army trials as Greece was evaluating several modern main battle tanks to upgrade its armoured forces. The trials were competitive, involving other western tanks including the Leopard 2, Abrams, and Leclerc, as well as the Russian T-80 and Ukrainian T-84. The Greek trials were extensive, designed to test the tanks under various conditions to assess their mobility, firepower, protection, and overall reliability.

The Challenger 2E was equipped with a 120mm rifled gun, advanced composite armour, and a powerful engine, making it (on paper) a formidable candidate. Its participation in these trials was crucial for Vickers, the manufacturer, to potentially secure a significant export contract. However, due to several breakdowns, accuracy issues with the cannon, and other issues regarding reliability, the Challenger 2E scored poorly against the other western tanks, and the Leopard 2 was selected as the winner.

Following this, no further attempts were made to export the Challenger 2 tank.

How does this differ to the Challenger 2E in game?


Following the Greek Army Trials, the development of the Challenger 2E did not stop, even though no serious attempts to export it were made. The Challenger 2E in game represents the final product of this development, which was cancelled around 2005, whereas the Challenger 2E tested in Greece was more of a Challenger 2E (early). The main difference is that the Challenger 2E as showcased in the Greek army trials lacks the re-designed cannon breech and maintained the gun-mounted sight

This means it is one of only a handful of variants of Challenger 2 utilising a 1500hp engine, and seeing how mobility is king at top tier, this vehicle would be a valuable addition to the tech tree (despite the current abundance of Challenger 2s at top tier).






Note the redesigned rear of the engine bay - this modification is indicative of the Euro Powerpack engine.

Euro Powerpack Challenger 2E on the left and Perkins Challenger 2 on the right





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Army Guide

Challenger 2 MBT (1997)


Definitely would be a nice replacement for the base Chally 2 we have in the tree.

Replacement could/should be the Challenger 2 CSP, which upgrades the engine/transmission to 1500hp + 3rd gen thermals. Which is actually the Challengers in service, Challenger 2E (Early) could be a squadron or something, no need in the tech tree.

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Engine upgrades haven’t gone through according to fireball however the Catherine thermals has. In my opinion the CSP should be applied to all of the Chally’s in the tree.

See the tweets at the end of that post, unless I’m misreading something elsewhere.

Second drive for best version of challenger 2?

Upgrades have, power increase no, though I think there is still more to the story yet to come.

Second best Challenger in-game considering the 2E doesn’t really benefit from the redesigned breach.

Huge +1 from me

Though not under the name 2E (Early) as i find the early designation Gaijin use kinda clunky.

A challenger 2 with mobility… Absolute must have. Considering there’s like 7 T80s in game, multiple leopards and abrams… Why not add a good challenger 2 again.


On further thought I’ve removed the two below photos from the suggestion. Although they do show a variant of the Challenger 2 with the Euro powerpack engine, the commanders sights on the below vehicle are not upgraded from the base Challenger 2s, which means it is not the same vehicle that participated in the Greek trials. It is most likely an even earlier variant of the Challenger 2E.

I’ve read elsewhere that the below vehicle was involved in South African MBT trials (known as project Aorta) - so far this claim seems basically unsubstantiated, if anybody has any material on this please let me know!




Squadron wouldnt be a bad idea, its like the m1a1 aim in terms of a nations main vehicle in service with another. Besides it look pretty cool and could help replace some of the other challys


Chally 2E scale model in South African camouflage scheme:

Still though. That would give us 3 different versions of upgraded Chally’s.

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Another image of the 2E in greece, showing the upgraded CITV and an alternative camo scheme.

(The middle of the pic got lost in the centrefold of the booklet during the scan)


This is Greek. The camouflages are similar but this is Greek, like these other ones:

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This is the only other pic I’m aware of showing the 2E with the distinctive 4-tone linear camo.


Challenger 2E needs its own folder with the 3 variants, CR2E, CR2E GR, CR2E SA (potentially at the end of the SA line).

New lineup that would be universally pretty competitive.


How do you know it’s South African? It’s the same as below, and it’s for sure not a South African camouflage, and looks very similar to the Greek one (looks like the US MERDC). (The trees in the background also do not look South African, they look like pine/fur, which are present all around Greece).

Edit: Is it not the same camouflage as below (tested in Greece)?

Sorry, I should have been more clear. People parrot online that it was part South African MBT trials but there is essentially no proof or documentation to it.

It’s a similar but distinctly different camo to the greek trials, which has a splotched camo pattern, whereas the ‘South African’ one has a continuous linear camo pattern. You can see the difference clearly on the right side of the turret.

It’s also a different configuration to the greek trials 2E, because it’s commander sight is the same as the base Challenger 2.