Challenger 2 TES "Megatron": British Tech Tree Squadron Vehicle

The addition of the Challenger 2 TES “Megatron” from Bovington would be an equivalent to the U.S tier VII squadron vehicle, the M1 AIM; and the German vehicle, the Leopard 2 PL.

Yes and no, depending on what version of Megatron they add it might be the best or worse (on par with current TES) challenger 2.

One of megaton version has the Dorchester 2H armor package with extra turret plating, this would be on par with TES maybe slightly better

The other is with the Dorchester 2F package however with the Barracuda thermal protection kit. This would be amazing ingame as you get alot of Brian dead players that just use thermals which this would be ner invisible too

Because I wouldn’t want to see another TES or the best challenger 2 we could get go behind a squadron grind lock I would prefer the Megatron to go to the main TT or even better replace the current TES.

For options for the UK squadron tank it would be better if it was a Oman challenger 1/2 or even better a Al Hussein challenger 1 which there is 3 choices of, all of them amazing

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It could be a great squadron vehicle, or foldered vehicle if it is added with it’s upgrades

Well the indian T90 is pretty much already confirmed for the british tech tree as a aquadron vehicle, i doubt they will get another one any time soon after that

I don’t know, it was weird how they took it out right after what happened on the forums, especially the Russian forum.

when did this ever stop them? look at the switz hunter, it is just a matter of it not being finished completly yet, or they simplied wanted to save it for next mayor patch

We’ll have to wait and see.