Challenger 2 (OES)

Why he don’t have the 1500hp engine like in real life ??


Because then they would have to give the TES its 1500hp basically all models got (as why the fuck would they put on that much era without upgrading the engine) otherwise it would be considered pay to win but they don’t want the TES to be usable.

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Cmon Gaijin, give us the 1500hp engine. Theres already content creators who dont recommend purchasing this tank and also you can check some forums about it and this have a big influence on the community, just because the tank is disappointing many with its performance and what it offers. There are sources that the tank was upgraded in Bovington with the 1500hp engine. so pls think about it, we would all win, since the UK fans would be happy and you would receive our money, which is exactly what keeps this game alive. Because right now there won’t be many people excited to buy the tank.

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Meanwhile still getting overpressured by Russian guns in all challengers*. Feel like the armour and crew position is a more urgent problem. Not saying 1500hp is not needed, but feel like the survivability needs unfucking first.

*Haven’t tested Chally 3.

It is quite tragic they’re trying to sell what is basically a TES for such a high price.

I watched a few videos last night, seems like no one is talking about the planes, just how much the tanks have been bungled. I’ve never seen an update have such a poor reception.

Ah well, it’s a mess of gaijins own making, an entirely unforced error, some might even say a touch of karma.

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It seems the OES inherited the bucking bronco behaviour of the previous challengers :

Note the jerking from the gear changing, it means the tank feels a lot slower and more manouverable.

TIme to make a bug report which will get rejected. // Issues - gotte be worth a go, right?

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Nothing will be done about it, just like the incorrect armour and crew placement. But hey, gotta at least give them the opportunity to tell us to go fuck ourselves.

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The only reason I bothered, was because they’re selling this thing for what, £70? You would think that would light more of a fire under their arses about it. I know it won’t, but gotta try.

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This is one of the many reason why I won’t dropping money on the OES or grinding the CR3.
I cannot fathom why there has not been more of effort to get a lot of these issues fixed even if it just for balancing reasons.
I suspect being to busy making new content rather nipping this in the butt. The hole these issue encompass is just going to get bigger.

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Report was merged into an existing one, which I assume is the one about a year old and was last commented in 3 months ago.

So yeah, another challenger 2 report ignored which is typical.

Imagine paying £70 for a tank and getting this thing. I would be furious.

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TBH, the challenger 2’s are so botched and badly implemented, it’s probably easier for them to start again with them. They can re-use the visual models, but the entire armour modelling and powertrain need serious love. I mean, they can’t even be bothered to get the sound right.

Look at this :

This is how a very heavy challenger 2 turns and sounds, the game bears zero relation to reality.

Actually, this update would have been an ideal time to do it, what with them having the cheek to try and sell a TES for £70, but I guess they’re happy with an embarrasing implementation and having a premium only a few people will be stupid enough to buy.

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I mean the “chally 3” We are getting is a Challenger 2 TD for what future Challenger could look like. So its just a challenger 2 with the smooth bore gun.

So i doubt it has changed

Yeah. It still occurs, gave them the benefit of the doubt for fixing even 1 challenger but yeah. Didn’t happen.