Challenger 2 OES side turret structural steel

I have been looking at the turret armor of the Challenger 2 OES and it seemed very strange to me that it has structural steel on the sides of the turret, in fact I would rather believe that it is Roman armor, in the same way as the Centurion AVRE, which it would have. more sense due to the fact of improving the lateral protection of the turret against HEAT ammunition.

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Its not. The british afaik currently dont have era equipped to their vehicles, and throughout western nations, era is avoided.

Having era makes them an extreme safety hazard when working combined arms with troops. Thats why alot of western mbts use nera. Its more expensive but less collat.

Unlike the cheap and dangerous era eastern countries have. Its still effective but the flyer plate and shrapnel from the flyer plate for example can land hundreds and hundreds of meters away.

But the blocks that the challenger 2 has on the skirts are from ERA.

They are mislabeled. They also provide the exact same protection as the turret modules but are double the thickness. Its typical gaijin shenanigans. Just like the hull side mounting plate thats 80mm of β€œaluminum” has primary and secondary sources stating its rolled steel.