Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

iirc its a 1st gen by age of production, but as David has stated its a “Gen 1.5” in terms of its actual performance as its closer to a gen 2’s image quality than a 1’s

So we should take as a Gen 2, right?

Yeah it should.

Funnily enough the Harrier aircrew manual actually states that the old SPRITE detector can produce better quality images than the new 2nd gen sensor depending on the circumstances. So your articles saying SPRITE was very good seem to be correct.


So we have some baisis to get the TIALD to gen 2?

I’ve already report this before


Any feedback, or is it in the not looked at yet?

It’s still open

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Has anyone else noticed that the impact of the modified parts on the Challenger II is simply too great?

It is known that the engine modification panel of all vehicles shows that the acceleration time is reduced by 0.7 seconds, but after my actual test (running the same route in a straight line until 50 kilometers per hour), the actual impact of the engine modification on the acceleration time of Challenger 2 is 4 seconds, and the impact of the same test on t90s is only 1.8 seconds.

Cr2 is heavier and its gearbox leaves much to be desired

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But it seems that the actual impact of all vehicle horsepower modifications is greater than the panel data, and the heavier the vehicle, the greater the difference between the two.

Because the mod panel work only on paper data, as if the tank was in the ideal state, it does not count terrain type, angles, crew skills etc

However, my test was carried out in the same location (route) and the same member group, except for the engine modification, other modifications remained the same, and only the engine modification was removed.

What can i tell you, im no gaijin employee nor i worked on the mod display.

Engine parts are more important on the Challenger 2 because, in fact, its a bus, of course not having those parts will benefit the Challenger 2 more than other tanks that weight less. A great example could be the T72B3, which turn into another tank once you get mobility mods and UBH kit.

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You should try out the type 10, it is somehow slower than my challengers. Even when both are stock. My TES can probably beat it in a drag race if it’s spaded…. Makes me prefer just sticking with the type 90 as both have no armour and that thing is blindingly fast.

you want to test that

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I would but I’m rather hungover rn.But honestly I would not be surprised, the type 10 without upgrades was one of the worst spading experience I’ve had in a while.

What 1100hp at 50+ tons versus 1500hp does.

fyi, challenger 3 pre production on trials rn