Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

I want to hear them too 😭

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Type in “Challenger 2 engine sound” on YouTube. It sounds just like that ))

That is no joke. The sound team done an excellent job on this one.


There you go!


Challenger 2 ( ) engine sound (

On a side note, it looks like AMX-30 saw some changes to the engine as well /s


AMX-30 ( ) engine sound (


So the old engine sound was a Leland L60?


Literally getting audio flashbacks.

Help, i have been stuck in test drive for a while now

i want to leave but that sound

Same :>


Those new sounds.

Me RN in test drive:

We know the CR2 in game right now is a steaming pile of hot mess.

But credit where its due, those new sounds are chefs kiss


its gona be a pain grinding for the event vehicle. i lose every close range engagement because they shoot me above the gun and goodbye breech, i do the same and nothing happens.

the 2 things that i feel also hurt the challenger 2 a lot is turret rotation speed and gun elevation/depression speed.

I second this, getting the elevation/depression speed would be one of the best improvements the CR2 could ever get.

After getting its mantlet armour fixed*

Mantlet may save you from a weak round or a poorly placed shot, but the better elevation speed may allow you or not to fire back/earlier.

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Tbh rotation is fine, it’s elevation, spall liners and mantlet. 2 of which are being fixed hopefully.

A quick question, is the spall liner on the mantlet or nah?
There is that fabric, but

i mean turret rotation is still a lot worse than the competition. but as sources state, it is what it is.

Just had a match where i got the first shot into a 2a6, got his ammo.

Got a second shot in the air as he got his first into me. He penned my Mantlet, got 2 crew and detonated my ammo, that me out.

I got his breach, and a crewman through his turret ring, he survives the engagement.

Id happily keep the aiming speeds now if we got a fixed breach that doesnt get penned by an enemy sneeze.


ill endure another month of pain, and then well see how it goes

shouldnt the ready charge bin in the front also be 25mm?