Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Been playing since 2013 mind you :P

Appreciate it but I stay as far away from Naval as possible haha

Honestly everyone was telling me that tanks like Archer would be the hardest, but I found Churchills to be an absolute slog haha
Weird tanks like FV4004, Archer, Tortoise, etc were all really fun to spade.

Churchills made me start a whole new grind in China to evade playing them lol


Small correction to Devil’s response…


Turret Cheeks:

Turret Side:



shouldnt the block in front be an extension of the ufp composite? so from the wedge of the block up armour should be the same

The LFP is “intended” to have the same amount of protection as the side add-on at a 60 degree angle.

All the KE/CE modifiers are adjusted to achieve the protection levels gaijin wants, rather than NERA having fixed modifiers which then decide the protection levels.

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I played a game in it last night and nearly got a nuke… never had that happen on any British lineup yet.

So when are the armour and ERA changes slated to appear… in an its fixed or next patch

It was either the next major patch, or potentially a hotfix depending on how quickly they finish.

So next patch…

Which should be early march?

early to mid march. 1 more month of suffering at least.

and to had to british mains luck this year february has 29 days lol

Please add an ifv i beg mr snail

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I heartily invite you you all to the MoD Basement
A discord server i decided to make to bring the community together a little.

it is still in the works, but i hope we all gather here socialise and do some work together :)


Drivers water suppression system when?

In Pomoria’s countryside we used to say “na dwór”, but after moving to Wrocław, everybody’s saying “na zewnątrz”.

Driving down the M4 today, spotted a convoy.

Sadly not CR2s, but hey, A warrior is a Warrior.


I really like these things. But does anyone have the newest one with all the vehicle that exist and will appear for Britain tech tree?


We could make one.


Are you already doing it? Are you going to do? or do you have all the sketches to start doing?
Maybe I can participate in this and collect photos))))

I think that is the list up to date. But as always, shout if I’ve missed any.

If you guys keep this up, we’re going to be on a part 2 thread soon :D

At some point im going to do an overhaul and break the “external armour” section down further. But thats a “day-off” job

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