Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

they sell a premium chally 2, but it will never fixed
let bought chally people feel they waste money

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Also aremember that on Dev of groundbreaking Cr2 had a dozer

it appear again in another update, but it was eventually removed.

So it was not groundbreaking? Well, my memory fails me then. But still it was there

Imagine buying it, never having driven a ch2 in game before, then you get this turd. I’d feel robbed.


hope for British new top tier vehicle/aircraft are commonwealth things

please let it be the one that was mounted with the L55

If it’s the CR2 LEP then it would be this with the L55A1 smoothbore:

CR3 evolved from this and became it’s own tank after so many modifications were added to it. Hence why it’ll look nothing like the image above except for maybe the hull.

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Ok, i misread your post

No worries :)

States in this article that the image above is the CR2 LEP - for clarification:

If this becomes the Rank VIII end of the line for our tree. I’d be very happy. L55A1 Smoothbore and 1500HP engine? Yes please!

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is there anything else different other then the gun

Gen 3 gunner and commander. Turret bustle with blow out panels.

1500 engine, transmission upgrade, new suspension, new turret armor(is supposed to be, we do not know if it was), new optics


Really so I’m less likely to get ammo racked


That’s a no no on the engine and transmission that’s a separate programme called HAAIP

I mean you don’t get ammo racked in the turret of CR2 anyway unless you’re taking hesh.

Isnt lep intefraing it it?

LEP no it was all moved onto CR3

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So just new upper side it is