Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion


A nice fork in the road. Make your choice.

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The only possible “better” evidence is illegal to provide.

What options are left?


I dont think its fair to say such a thing.
there isnt much more evidence out there as the tank is still majorly classified and the information that is out there its questionable if gaijin would even bother looking at nevermind accepting over what they have internally and have been given externally.

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My guy they assume the NERA AND ERA sandwich on the side provides the same protection as 80s ERA what else is there to do


just abit of extra clarification on the blocks. White being ASPRO and yellow the VARMA/CHOBHAM

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Here is my take


I think previously it was because other nations had stock HEAT. However now, theres no excuse really.


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The connecting plate for the ERA to the Hull is now going to be Aluminium instead of the composite? it is currently.

I have a massive fuck of problem with the aluminum part


That is not the purpose of that plate, the backplate is a giant screen stretching up to the giant block at the bottom, and servs as an armour first, second as a mounting.

well they will correct the model for the next major patch… its one of the things i think was really hurting the challenger.

for the rest, i cant believe the devs to be this ignorant of subjects like the gun mantlet so ill just say they are doing it on purpose. theres no other explanation why they choose to ignore certain aspects of bug reports and focus only on others.

Would they be in the university library?

“a great deal of Vickers material is now held by the University of Cambridge, so you may wish to contact them directly.” is what I was told, no mention of where specifically.

I mean, it’s right there.

we think
we decide
we dont think so


Whilst what they’ve said is bad, what they haven’t said is also bad. Can’t help but get this feeling that their narrative is “we’ve fixed 90% of bug reports for the Chally 2 and here is why we can’t fix the last 10%”

Even though they’ve barely scratched the surface of all the bug reports so far.

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Welp clearly the Best era is russain era as they are clearly the only one that improvit

The core issue remains untouched:
Mantlet armor
Ready ammunition


This is definitely be investigated lol?