Challenger 2 MBT - Technical data and Discussion

Is it about this?


Did the devs make any comment on the front dorchester blcoks having different protection for the 2F and TES?

so no news at the moment

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pahahahahahahahahahaha who could’ve seen that one coming.

on a serious note, that’s seriously bad news. hell, the Ariete got mentioned.

currently its about as clear as brick wall.
room for improvement mayhaps?

Gaijin: “We have fixed a number of bugs so far”

The bugs they’ve fixed:


Smoke coming out the wrong hole affected my gameplay sooo much, how about you guys? I’m so happy.

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and the transmission even though their is no difference

I hate the change. Now i cant impersonate the steam locomotive in my Cr2


Does anybody know who provided the GCE for challenger 2 BN?

I think it’s MOOG or SAFRAN, but i cant seem to find any hard specs for their actuator systems


This doesnt fill me with much hope they are going to look at the big reports


Sorry for the shitty screenshot I’m on my phone.

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U sure?

My WT crashed XD


One of the reports he mentions is this one:

so I think its “fixed in a future version” that bug report hasnt even been updated yet

Well, it is a mix of fixed and will be fixed, but
The floor dm location got fixed

With how the thread linked above is going, I expect them to replace ch2’s mantlet with egg boxes instead of armour.

What they are doing to the abrams and the justification they use for the 7AV are, quite frankly, a joke.

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