Challenger 1 BRs


Could someone explain to me the difference in BRs?

The Challenger Mk.2 is 10.0, the DS which is essentially a Mk.3 is 10.0 as well but the regular Challenger Mk.3 in the tech tree is 10.3 for some reason. Maybe I’m missing something? Or is it just Gaijin?

Very unfortunate as I would have loved to have a full Challenger 10.0 lineup.

Happy to help, answear is here

Ohh the L26! Totally flew past my mind to check firepower. Thanks :)


But many have been calling for the DS to receive L26 and move to 10.3 as L26 is it’s historically accurate ammunition.

Many did, as it was one of the things that made DS special IRL. It could also get a armor package. But we do not want top tier premium tanks, dont we? (Or so gaijin said when DS was added, 11.3 was a top tier then)