Challenge "Flash of Lightning" - the "Intelligence" Award

As many battlepass players, I am currently trying to collect the intelligence awards. I understand that I have to scout a vehicle first, which then gets destroyed by an ally. I do this a lot and I get countless screen messages that such a vehicle has beed destroyed by an ally. But only rarely do I get the “binoculars” (the award). So what does it take to get the award precisely? Is this usually arty which was dropped blindly on my spotting?

Thanks for information.

I got the task done. Kind of interesting how Gaijin sometimes puts lessons into these tasks. I learned something about playing light tanks.

But I still don’t know what it takes to get the “intelligence”-award.

As far as I know you need to be the first to scout a vehicle, and it has to be destroyed on that first scouting, otherwise you’ll just get a notification ‘scouted vehicle destroyed’.

I did observe that I got those binoculars often in the first minutes of the match. So you may have a point about being first.

As far as I know, you have to wait for the scouted target to be destroyed before you can scout another target again to get the award.
Pure continuous scouting will only give you the message “Target was destroyed”.

Not sure of that, possible it is…

I used the continous scouting strategy towards the end. And towards the end, I often got 2 binoculars in a match. If it has to be your last scouting, then scout spamming is as good as anything else, because you have dibs on something that just entered the field of view and fire.

I also got more assists than binos. That is all very odd.

I also wondered what gives a vehicle scouting ability? Light Tank alone won’t do it.