Centurion Mk.2 worth battlepass?

I know this has probably been covered but I can’t make sense of the new forum and can’t find the topic in the old one. What is the consensus on the Centurion Mk.2? Good/bad/indifferent? I will be at level 60 or 65 by the time the battlepass is close to ending so I figured why not since I may play ground battles at some point in the future.

He is very good in 6.3

It is good in 6.3 and does well in 7.3.

APDS do less post-pen damage than before.
If the one-shot is no longer systematic, you’ll usually neutralize the enemy tank with your first shot, and need a second to finish it off.

Don’t hesitate to use APCBC and HE depending on the type of tank.

It puts the Charioteer Mk VII (6.3) and the FV4005 (6.3) back in the running.
The Centurion Mk I (6.0) and Black Prince (6.0) complete the line-up.
A rapid-fire SPAA (Ystervark (4.3) or Bosvark (5.0)) or an air defense aircraft. (or a Lancaster (5.3) for big bombs, aka the Tallboy).
And you’ve got a good line-up.

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This Tech Tree vehicle should NEVER have been put in the BP. With a stab at 6.3 I can’t see it staying there for too long (Cent 3 sits at 7.3 now as pre-stab and APDS damage sat at 6.7, the FV medium used to be 6.3 and now 7.0)

At the time, Centurion Mk3 and FV4202 were the kings at these br.
No wonder they were nerfed.

The Centurion Mk2 with its 17 lbs and stab won’t be as op as its successors.
Given that 77mm APDS no longer do as much damage as 84mm APDS.

I think that if it goes up in br, it will be maximum in 6.7.

Actually they were not. Until they added stabs and improved APDS (varied since then) they were only just 6.3/.7 material. I’m on about pre-improvements.

But yes, I was not equating them to current 7.0/.3s, I was imagining the complaints of a stab.

Wait and see !

If object 248 could be 6.7, I think Centurion MK.2 could be 6.7 as soon as possible XD

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I was more wanting them to magically allow non-BP users to get it. Quit for 3 months and no longer able to commit to such a thing, and still looks more a Tech-tree offering (the fact we have the mk 2 as a special yet Charioteer is a tech tree; in an ideal world it might have happened the other way around).

The tank is superb, must have.

Hence why being stuck behind a BP is sad and annoying.

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We had the same problem with the EBR FL10 (1954) (event) and EBR 90 (1963) (BP), even though several hundred of these vehicles were in service with the French army.


Exactly. Gaijin does this highly annoying things by dropping these limited gems behind a paywall. The Pr.183 BM-21 was the most annoying – if you like the boat for what it is you couldn’t even get it in the marketplace afterwards. At least the Centurion is going to be sold at the marketplace for around $40 once the dust settles.

Thanks all. It looks like I’ll only make it to level 56 or 57 due to real life stuff, so even if I paid I wouldn’t make it. I got the plane at least. I might pay to get the boat and the bonuses but not the extra 15 levels. Although for $24.75 it would be cheaper to get 5000 GE instead of $40 on the marketplace.

I’m pretty sad this ended up being a battle pass vehicle. Should have been something like the Centurion Mk. 2 with swingfire missiles. Which would have been reminiscent of the old British Swedish premium.

Alternatively, even the 32-Pdr Centurion would have been even more appropriate. Being a prototype vehicle.


The more Centurions the better!

100 quid for a tech tree vehicle? A massive up yours to the players.