Centurion AVRE add armor

I have made a report on the hull add armor of the Centurion AVRE, since in all the other Centurions that there are with add armor they were given a thickness of 44mm of RHA, while the AVRE only put 10mm, being the funniest thing ever Only the 3D model clearly shows that in reality it is much more armored. I am making this post because both in the 3D of the game and in the real photos it can be seen that it seems to be even thicker than the 44mm RHA ,and I would be grateful if someone had some information on the actual thickness, and could update the report.

Here is the report.
I’m hugely disappointed in the devs and their horrible work. How can they make the 3D model correctly but give it a completely absurd shielding value, when they clearly realize they’re not doing it right.

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Seems like quite the oopsie.

I’ve forwarded the report, but had to rewrite it. Please leave out personal opinions.

All you needed to say was;

The uk_centurion_mk_5_avre_era currently has a 10mm UFP, this appears to be in error as the model itself is much thicker than 10mm. And photos show its more than 10mm.


I understand it. I am quite serious about the issue of error reports that are very clear, and seeing that it literally takes years until they are fixed in the best of cases ends up causing me some anger, as if it seems that the devs were laughing at me my in my face.

They aren’t, you’re not the main character mate haha. Keep it simple in the future.


Well, really when I say they laugh in my face I mean they laugh at all the players, not at me personally.
I just don’t understand it, because if the developers clearly know about that error, since they have made the 3D model with a thickness that seems even greater than 44mm, they would put it at 10mm. It would be like putting the Tiger 2 plate on it, which clearly A 30mm armor is quite thick, but in 3D it is seen with 150mm, it is clearly seen that it is a mistake made on purpose, due to forgetfulness, or because they are too lazy to change it until no one reports it.

While I applaud the report on something so specific, you’re focusing very narrowly on a small aspect of a vehicle that was added to the game 6 years ago.

Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by neglect, incompetence, or stupidity.

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