Centauro I 120 not getting DM53 rounds

So I noticed that the Centauro only gets CL3143 rounds but the Arietes get DM53 rounds. They both have 120mm guns and the only difference is the model. With the Cenauro it gets the OTO Melara 120/45 and the Arietes get the OTO Melara 120/44.
Is there some other reason why it cant use DM53 or did Gajin just not give it the round?

It already has M322, no reason for DM53.

M322 is pretty much the same in all respects, except it has a higher damage caliber as well as a much heavier penetrator. Trading off 30mm of penetration for 0.6kg of mass and better post-pen characteristics is a no-brainer, and I’m honestly more annoyed that the Arietes had their M322 removed.

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Yet shouldn’t still be able to use the round? Why restrict rounds even though the vehicles are able to use it? And yes I know some lower tier vehicles can’t get certain rounds cause it would bump them up in BR but this is top tier.

No argument there, I would love for every Italian 120 to just keep its M322… I don’t care if DM53 is added or ignored, I see it as the better round in pretty much every way, but I do find it quite weird that they’re picking and choosing when the vehicles themselves are already glass cannons.

Even then to the vehicles need their best rounds cause they are going against Leopards and such and the only the going to Italy right now are its rounds.

cuz it never used DM53 in fact ariete AMV was the only tank that was supossed to use DM53 but the AMV hasnt even entered service and italy hasnt bought any DM53 shell yet, giving italy DM53 was mostly an artifical buff

Probably to make Centauro 2 more different once it gets added compared to I 120 and to justify its higher br.

That explains a lot but don’t get why they removed rounds from the Ariete and gave it a round it never had.

honestly the inner workings of the devs minds are a complete mistery to this day, so i have no clue whatsoever

What’s your source? If you dont have one, then dont lie/make things up. The B1 Centauro da 120 went to Germany and fired many types of ammunitions, including DM53. There’s many sources and even video footage of it firing that APFSDS round.

Gaijin just chose not to give it the round, you could make a suggestion or even a bug report to try and get it added. In terms of irl stuff it has no issue in firing the round.

You mean the KEP that was withdrawn from service years ago or was converted to A1 variant? I doubt there’s footage of it firing the original DM53, but maybe DM63.

Alas, source.

It specifically shot DM53A1.

Then it didn’t shoot DM53 :))

Are you ok?

DM53A1 is different to Dm53 sacrfiices pen for having extra spall due to an incendiary unit in the core of the penetrator

Its still DM53 at the end of the day, just has a minor difference.

No it has barely like 300 mm of pen it was meant for side shots not frontal shots, before try to Say i lie cuz i don’t have sources meanwhile you don’t provide anything, here so you can stop missinformating people

We can argue all day about specific variants, but when i said DM53 i was reffering to DM53A1.

DM53A1 and DM53 are different as i said before You shoul’ve corrected your error instead of saying they are the same when they obviously arent