Centauro Class, Destroyer Centauro D571

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The “Centauro” class consists of 4 units: Canopo, Centauro, Cigno and Castore; it was a type of frigates of the Navy built in Italy in the early 1950s. The construction of these units took place as part of the 1950 modernization program and the construction of the class leader unit began on May 17, 1952 set up in the Ansaldo Shipyards of Livorno. The engine system consisted of two groups of Ansaldo steam turbines powered by two Foster Wheeler boilers, whose operating temperature was 410 ° C and the pressure of 43bar, and each group had a high pressure turbine for the pace cruise and a low pressure turbine for reverse. The total power developed by the engine was 22,000 HP which allowed a maximum speed of 26 knots. The two groups, independent of each other, each acted on the axis of a propeller by means of reduction gears and were located in two separate and contiguous watertight compartments. The group further forward acted on the starboard propeller and the burners of the supply boiler which vented into the forward smokestack. The left group, similar to the previous one, vented into the aft smokestack. The units in the class were equipped with highly sensitive radar and ultrasound equipment, the data of which were processed by the COC, by the shooting center. Upon entry into service, the electronic discovery equipment consisted of an American-built AN / SPS6C airborne discovery radar that had 250 km of coverage, the units also mounted a surface detection radar (AN / SPQ2A / B) of national construction, whose range was about 60 km. The main armament consisted of four 76 /62mm Oto Melara cannons in two overlapping twin-barreled towers, whose firing frequency was 60 rounds per minute. The “Centauro” class towers were fully automatic and continuous loading, allowing thus a higher shooting cadence. The antiaircraft armament consisted of 4 Breda-Bofors 40/70mm machine guns in 2 twin systems located on the right and left of the central deckhouse aft of the second smokestack. The antisubmarine armament consisted of one 305mm long Menon type anti-submarine bomb launcher and 4 short Menon launchers, arranged two on each side on deck in the center of the ship, 2 torpedo tubes (553mm - 1 on each side) and a hopper for the release of 10 anti-submarine bombs. Upon entry into service the “Centauro” class was classified as “DE” (Destroyer Escort) in 1957 and was classified as “Antisom Frigate”.


Crew: Officers: 13 - Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 222

Empty weight: 2137 tons
Full load: 2184 tons

Length: 104,14 m - 94 m between stern and bow
Width: 12 m
Nominal Draft: 3,40 m
Full Load Draft: 3,83 m

Engine System:
2 Foster - Wheeler boilers
2 Ansaldo high pressure Turbo-gear units
2 propellers, 4 blades
Power: 22000 HP
Speed: 26 knots (48,15 km/h)

3020 miles (4860 km) at 12 knots
2860 miles (4603 km) at 18 knots
1450 miles (2333 km) at 26 knots

4 Cannons 76/62 mm OTO Melara (2 twin systems)
4 Cannons 40/70 mm Breda-Bofors AA (2 twin systems)
2 trinated rocket launcher 105 mm for illuminating shooting
2 Anti-Submarine torpedo launchers 533 mm
1 Long Menon trinated Anti-Submarine bomb launcher
4 Short Menon Anti-Submarine bomb launchers
1 hopper with 10 anti-submarine bombs.



What a beautiful ship. +1

+1 My favourite Italian post-war vessel