Centauro B1 ( Oman Version)


I was trying to find some informations about the Centauro 1 120mm we have in game, looks like its the version which was provided in 2008 to Oman, it was a base Centauro B1 with some upgrades such as a new turret with a bigger caliber, some composite protection and most important an upgraded engine which should produce 650HP instead of the normal one. I think thats a big deal actualy and im trying to find some informations about it to make a bug report about it.

I would like to know if one of you guys on the forum have some informations about it so we can get it done, thanks!

As I found on the site of the manufacturer of the centauro, the main difference is the cannon. The engine is the same as the 105 (IVECO 8262
v6 turbocharged after cooler with 520HP)

That said, the 120 was used as a test bed for the centauro II, so it’s possible that at some time the manufacturer mounted on some prototype the engine of the centauro II; which has 720 HP, but not on the 120 for the Oman army