Celebrate the Lunar New Year with Activities and Sales!

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The Lunar New Year, a time to set off fireworks and light street lamps, is coming! This is an important holiday that's celebrated by various East and Southeast Asian countries including China, Korea, Vietnam, and others.

We’re joining the celebrations in War Thunder as we’ve prepared some cool activities and an event for you. Have you wanted the Т-62 №545 or Type 69-IIa before? Here’s your chance to pick them up. There’s also the currently on-going Call of the Dragon event where you can earn the Object 292 and much more.

It’s time to celebrate the Year of the Dragon!

Earn the “Gold Dragon” decal!

Get yourself this unique decal by completing the task below.

When: From February 9th (11:00 GMT) until February 12th (07:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using Chinese vehicles to receive the “Gold Dragon” decal!

“Gold Dragon” decal

Additional details:

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, [Assault] mode and Helicopter PVE battles.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → Lunar New Year.
  • You can find the decal in the “Holidays” tab in the Customisation menu.

The T-69 II G is back for Golden Eagles and is here to stay!

Get yourself this cool tank that’s back for good.

When: From February 9th (11:00 GMT).

Where: China > Army > Premium vehicles.

The T-69 II G

About this tank

  • The T-69 II G is a modification of the Type 69 MBT used by the Bangladesh Army. This tank uses a wide range of shells that are good for all scenarios, one of which includes the DTB-1 time fuze shell that’s effective at shooting down helicopters. Thanks to its good ballistics and reload speed, the T-69 II G is perfect for the sniper role.

The Т-62 №545 and Type 69-IIa are temporarily available for Golden Eagles!

Pickup these tanks that are available until February 15th!

When: From February 9th (11:00 GMT) until February 15th (11:00 GMT).

Where: China > Army > Premium vehicles.

Т-62 №545

About this tank

  • The Т-62 №545 is a Soviet tank that was captured by the PLA after the battle for Damansky Island. This tank features good mobility, good frontal armor and a powerful 115 mm gun that can fire HE, HEAT-FS and APFSDS rounds. A two-plane stabilizer also allows it to fire smoothly while on the move!

Type 69-IIa

About this tank

  • The Type 69-IIa is another export version of the Type 69. This variant was developed specifically for the Iraqi Army and features additional protection and a 100 mm gun from the Type 59. Its Type 44 AP round is capable of dealing significant damage and is ideal for flanking and shooting enemies at the side. For longer distances, a handy Laser rangefinder is also featured on this tank.

Gaijin.net Store Discounts

When: From February 9th (11:00 GMT) until February 15th (11:00 GMT), there’s discounts on premium vehicles in the store!

Special Lunar New Year Bundles are temporarily available (several rare tanks included) and discounts for Chinese vehicle packs!

  • Type 96A Prototype Pack -50%
  • A-5C Pack -50%
  • J-7D Pack -50%
  • Chinese Starter Pack -50%

Lunar New Year Ground Bundle -50%

The Kit Includes:
  • Type 69-IIA Pack
  • Type 69-IIG Pack
  • Т-62 Pack
Lunar New Year Air Bundle -50%

The Kit Includes:
  • Shenyang F-5 Pack
  • Tomahawk Pack
  • Z-19E Pack

Note! The offer is valid for PC, Mac and Linux users only. PC, PlayStation and Xbox users will be able to purchase Т-62 №545, Type 69-IIA and Type 69-IIG tanks in the game using Golden Eagles.

Participate in the on-going Call of the Dragon event!

When: From February 1st (11:00 GMT) until February 19th (11:00 GMT).

A Dragon is calling! This is the first event in our new cycle that’s now in full swing. By simply participating in Ground Battles, you can earn the Object 292 unique experimental tank and several other cool decals and decorations!

Check out the details of this event here

The Dragon Box

When: From February 1st (11:00 GMT) until February 28th (11:00 GMT).

The Dragon Box is purchasable from the in-game Item Shop for Silver Lions and contains vehicles and items from past events. No keys are needed, meaning you’re freely able to open as many as you want.

Check out the Dragon Box details here


unfortunality again a news w/o the information how much GE we must spend to buy the temp. available vehicles.
relating to the japanese event:


I thought you’d ask why it didn’t have it, but no worries — future specials after this one will include the GE price in the article.



Everything is very good, everything is very nice. Where is the APDS-FS for the Type 69-IIA? Because at the moment it is using ammunition almost 20 years older than that tank, and the issue of the APDS-FS is already reported.
Apparently it’s too much work to add a bullet to the game.

Is there any plans for adding Bengali crew voice for the T-69 IIG?
Also gaijin should add T-69IIG’s rubber paded tracks and increase it’s power to weight ratio(It’s incorrect in game)

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The GE price is listed in game (obviously). Why not just look there?

because some of us may be still at work and have no access to the game until evening…

Its, the chinese!!!

So why not just look in-game when you can? It certainly can’t hurt Gaijin to include that info in the post, but it’s really no big deal if they don’t. A player will find out when the fire up the game. Simple as.

yes I can get the info when I look into the game - but I also then get the news on events and new vehicles - so in your logic why GJ posting news in this forum???

its all about curiosity…

The news and other updates include a lot more info besides one specific thing. I.e., history, background info, how to obtain a vehicle or participate in an event, etc. The GE cost of a vehicle is one very simple point that’s easy to learn by logging into the game. You’re going to anyhow, right? So just check it out the next time you login.

Nah, it’s all about instant gratification. Some people have no patience and just can’t wait for anything. If it was simply a matter of curiosity, then you’d be fine waiting until your next login to find out.

But whatev. It is what it is. Cheers and have a great weekend out there on the virtual battle field!

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I now get why I spent all evening last night shooting down Z-19s in GSB