Celebrate the Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics by Earning a Themed Decal!

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Since the beginning of time, humanity has dreamed of conquering the sky, and having reached it we turned our sights even further. On April 12th 1961, a manned spacecraft with test pilot Yuri Gagarin on board orbited the Earth for the first time. In honor of this event, World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day is celebrated on April 12th.

Earn the “Off we go!” decal!

You’re able to earn this themed decal in honor of this day.

When: From April 12th (11:00 GMT) until April 15th (07:00 GMT).

Task: Play 3 battles using USSR aircraft at rank III or higher to receive the “Off we go!” decal!

Additional details:

“Off we go!” decal

  • You must use a minimum of rank III.
  • Your activity must not be below 70%.
  • You can complete the task in random battles, except for Enduring Confrontation missions, and [Assault] mode.
  • Track your progress in the hangar by clicking Nickname → Achievements → Holidays → Aviation and Cosmonautics Day.
  • You can find the decal in the “Holidays” tab in the Customization menu.

As an American I’m not super interested in a decal for commie astronauts 😂. But as a War thunder player and somewhat collector I’m gonna try and get it😃

Premium X-15 when?

The commie cosmonaut that gave America a reason to explore the stars.
Space: The final frontier.


You make a fair point😂

Before 1961, America didn’t want to explore the stars?

I’m not going to speeak with authority but could gaijin doublecheck to make sure the source they used isn’t mirrored?

I think its that but flipped and colorized
I don’t believe any varient of the SK series suits had the hoses and knob on the left side, it lead to a handle at the waist on the right side that cconnected into their little ejection pod.


Looks amazing!