Celebrate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day in War Thunder!

Exactly my thoughts and I won’t say anything more to not get banned.

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OK so… no D-day historical events again?


I wish we would get historical events instead of boring text or uniform badges tbh

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This is the D-Day event

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We had D-day events back in the day, but they gave up on doing anything different or interesting and instead just making everything ‘play our game to get a decal to celebrate’ or ‘spend money’ instead.


Just last year they had one IIRC.

Wasn’t that just a regular match but with restricted vehicle options?

I do actually highly recommend the Belfast. Its one of the best British Light cruisers in game and prints SLs super fast. Only minor issue with it is the buggy/nerfed state of SAP shells. But hopefully they’ll eventually be fixed.

Though kinda a shame we got Post-WW2 refit instead of the WW2 variant
6x2 4 inch guns
2x8 40mm guns
2x4 13mm MGs
2x3 Torpedo Tubes

They could have set her apart from the other Town-Class cruisers rather nicely. But oh well. Still quite a good ship

I thought it was only on the Normandy maps.

Little dirty to change the multipliers on the Naval achievement to 0.95 for NA. especially since this is for D Day and not a “fun” event.

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Did you get the Titles and Decals?

I have already acquired everything but got only “First in Deed” title and Decal


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i’m currently at work, so i will check the support ticket while im here, and let you know when i log in later tonight

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The support ticket is basically stating there is a title and decal within the event (which i’m already aware about), so i have explained it in more detail, that its about each packs individual title and decal, when purchased, I’ve supplied screenshots with the titles and decals highlighted, hopefully this will give me the response i’m looking for.

I believe, you should get given the titles / decals if you have already purchased the packs previously, but only if they where packs and not the GE alternative Vehicles

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Well, sadly I got a very long time ago M10 Achilles or Firefly for GE if I remember correctly so miss the Title and Decal for 2 of them for that reason shame this explains the loss 2 of titles and decals.

Thx for reply.

Edit: I got the rest of them today log in and a message pop up

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I’m still waiting for mine, updated my support ticket just waiting for a response

could you send me some screenshots, im still waiting for a reply from support

Thank you in adavnce

I have not do ticket in Support I just got them in-game first I got “First in Deed” next day log in game and got the other one’s

What Screenshots you need m8.

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its all sorted now, thank you, got a response and its now all on my account, thanks for your help