CDK SAM sites for Multiplayer

Hi all,

im trying to set up some AI SAM sites in the CDK for a PVP mission. They’re already in regular air RB so im assuming its possible. For NATO im using ADATS, and for USSR im using the Chinese TOR M1. I cant get them to fire, please provide a detailed list for how to do this if possible.


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Most muti weapon platforms dont work. Gepard with missiles, the adats, strela (because of its mg kek). Some do work except they can only use one of the multiple weapons. The Strela for example only uses its mg for AA attacks. Also note that spaa cant attack ground targets. Their AI isnt capable.

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Best bet for missile platorms will be any of the roland missile platforms. For Russia If I remember correctly the Pantsir missiles only work. I dont think anything from China works. Also flares and chaff don’t work against AI attacks.