Cdk on mac!

PLEASE GAIJIN I NEED CDK ON MAC :(. I know this is my second post, but it got unnoticed, I really need the War-Thunder CDK On Mac, I know there aren’t many people who play War-Thunder on Mac, (there YouTubers lol) but CDK on Mac will probably makes at least some peoples happy, I would like to make for exempt : Content, but without CDK, that’s VERY HARD, I would also want to make user models, as my PC is good enough for it, but I would like to create custom hangars too, I know the CDK is hard to use, but I want to use it :(. So please Gaijin :


you can play it through steam and download the CDK via the WIKI

For Mac?
you know the file is a .exe?

you get the game through steam, put CDK from wiki into the war thunder steam install folder, start game through steam.
as far as i know that should work. but i don’t use mac so i don’t actually know, i just did 2 min of google search.

uhh… if you have done 2 min of research… that’s from Windows, as Mac literaly can’t use .exe that just doesn’t work, but I case, what was the website?

you don’t use the exe… steam does.

people actually game on macs?

I mean it’s not meant for but on MacBooks pro you have good storage, good fps, I mean it’s very good for gaming, depends on the game (probably not DCS) but u c?

“My Os is window”
Currently there is NO WAY to use the CDK on Mac, has you literally can’t use .exe on Mac.

dude… i’m not stupid.
a CDK is a file library. that it ends in exe just means you can’t “double click and it starts”.
That does however NOT mean you can’t open it through other means like through “Wine”, another application or something similar.
Have you even tried doing what i said?
YOU don’t start the exe, STEAM uses it to access the files inside the library it contains.
(note that this is just what i know, i have not personally tried it to check that it works).

the problem is that steam is FCK stupid, I have 81g left empty and my steam says I have 26go

I will try, I can have 2 war thunder at the same time

wait it might works
MAYbe I have idk because of you 🥹
EDIT : Biggest deception of my life

So next time perhaps try the solution given to you when you ask for it before complaining. x)

I wanted to say “it MIGHT work”
not sure x)
i was mostly unsure cuz men I did research like 3 times everywhere
I’m still unsure

BTW, when I put them in the files, how do I open it ?

I told you bro, it doesn’t work, cuz it’s a .EXE

again; the exe ending STILL have nothing to do with it.

then try the “Wine” application to start it with.

i case you didn’t do it this way; in steam click the “games” menu, then add non steam game to steam, find the .exe file and add it to steam, start the application through steam as if it was a normal game.

Im not going to make fun on the M series apple chips, they are very good but lord the software makes it a waste of time

bro… have you used CDK?. Okay you put it in here, BUT THEN it creates a FOLDER and makes a WarThunder MissionEditor file
and YES the .exe has something to do with it. Cuz with has exemple “CrossOver” (new version of Wine) you need to create a VM and run the game on it !, and I tried using wine it just doesn’t work cuz the CDK can’t be IN warthunder has you would need on install warthunder in a fcking 5go max VM. it DOESNT WORK CUZ ITS A .EXE :d