CDK naval mission problem

I’ve been trying to make some missions of naval combat,

Unfortunately, I found some problems that make it quite impossible to do, here is a list

  • I can’t get the AI on the ship to attack the enemy team ship, I’ve been watching the guide on how to make AI attack other AI, and trying to do some tinkering, but the gun just won’t work, I don’t know if it related with Gaijin recently remove the Main gun AI, because I try some other naval combat mission, and that mission don’t have ships fire up their main gun as well

  • AA have very bad accuracy against other bots, one of my mission was trying to hold off an air attack, but i notice the bot aa just didn’t hit anything when the enemy is a bot, but when I jump on a plane, the aa guns hit rather accurately.

  • Launching seaplane from ship crash the missions (Forced to get out from the mission to the lobby)

Is there anything i can do to solve the problem?

Try out this action, maybe it will work (but probably not).

Yeah, it didn’t work, :(

Most i can do is making them firing their secondary and torpedo

You are supposed to give it some aimMinDist (for example 10), aimMaxDist (15000) and attackMaxDist (15000) values.

It didn’t work :(

Then there’s nothing you can do about that.