CDK My bot aircraft are clipping on the airfield

the parked aircraft look fine when im in the cdk but when a launch the mission then the wheels start clipping/braking and making that gear braking in noise
i have looked for a fix i expect it would be a common problem but i cant fined anything
and the war thunder CDK discord server is dead and no one will help
plz help me

Can you upload that mission here?

no because its not myn i we have tried putting the aircraft alt all different heights but nothing is working some cdk makers say its just a problem and its not fixable but i see some that get it to work so there must be a fix

if you want to have a look at it the join my discord its on my youtube home page

Basically you are supposed to set the speed to 0 in the object properties, then place it on the ground.
Additionally if the AI is still causing some issues then there are unitSetControls actions where you can force the AI have its landing gear extended. (6.7 KB)
Here’s an example mission.