CDK missions not loading

when i make a mission in the cdk all is working but then when i want too start it in war thunder its loading for an infinity i tried some things to get rid of the problem but nothing is working is there anyone who could help me

I can’t make a determination because I don’t even know if it is MP/SP and I lack very little background information, but in your case, I think it is because the unit you are using is not set up correctly.

its for MP i only added spawn points and the dummys for it and it didnt work what whould be some information that you would need to help me

Can you upload the mission files here?

Mission files? do you mean the blk?


Berlin_Attack_Cinema.blk (42.4 KB)
that it is

If you were planning to run this mission using Plane, the MissionMarkAsRespawnPoint->Tags->air is intentionally unchecked, so if you start the mission with only Plane in the deck, there is no available There are no spawn points available, so it will load forever.

Berlin_Attack_Cinema.blk (42.3 KB)

Has this solved your problem?

yeah it worked thank you i thought that i checked the box but it seems like i didnt thank you

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Glad the issue was resolved.Have a good CDK life!

Cheers :3