CDK exported wrong texture size

It displays correctly in the cdk’s asset viewer, but only gets 512*512 texture when exported.Does anyone know how to export 4K texture correctly?

I am having the exact same issue, mine get exported in 512x256.
I still havent found a fix, and the only way i got max resolution textures was through some third party programs, and that only got my the color texture with Alpha, and not without.

This is just plain annoying, and seems like a recent issue too as i dont see anyone else posting about it.

same here, with the latest version of CDK from 12/2023, no help from G support, anyone here could advise?

It seemed like a long way to get gaijin’s attention, so I found a temporary solution, using Ninja Ripper to cut the map from the CDK, the normal map part would seem a little blurry but it was a workaround