CCIP display

Is it my problem or what, my Q5 does not seem to show the CCIP in its cockpit view. Is it problem of the lowest quality view model or simply there is a bug.

Which Q5 version?

does your jet have a modern HUD?

It should be in the HUD/Gun-sight reticle, but you have to be in cockpit view to be able to change it from the rotary menu. May be based on the model version, is it the Q-5C or Q-5E? If it’s the Q-5E it’s probably not got a modern HUD, so it’s visible, but simplistic.

Q5I, so it doesn’t have a CCIP displayed in HUD? Or does it have to get manually switched on, how does the pilot use the CCIP then?

You have to manually switch it on from the rotary menu or have it set to a keybind. It will automatically switch if you run weapon-select mode too.

Try changing the HUD mode to ground targets

Right, thanks. Also, just wondering since the HUD can’t really show it, how does the bomb CCIP work IRL, can you only dive to make it show up?

Q-5L (Late) has CCIP/CCRP for bombs, CCIP is only pilot release/freefall bombs, and can freely be dropped at any time, CCRP is an only really usable in air Sim, and you have to set your bomb target, which will show up on the HUD (as the Q-5L has a modern HUD) and you just go to target and hold the “bomb release” button and the computer command will automatically drop them.

So, for CCIP, you have to dive, for CCRP, you have to either set a manual target, use a laser pod, or use the pre-designated bomb targets.

It took a while for the to learn how the Viggen (AJ37) did it, but I figured it out in 2-3 Sim matches.

I’m slightly slow to learn and sim is really hard for me to keep aware of everything. I will try play sim when I get Q5L or J7E.

It’s pretty fun IMO, just gotta get used to controls, no markers, and the community either being extremely good, or horrifically bad (I.e. shooting down every black dot in the sky)

Q-5’s radar has IFF right?

What radar it doesn’t have one.
Neither does J7E at 11.0 for some sad reason and only stupid radar range finder

Never mind then, thought it had a Radome on the front. Better stick to bombing bases in simulator then.

Q5L can, not the Q5I, for some reason can’t carry bomb under its wings despite J6 can.

CCRP does kind of work in RB but it is clunky and inaccurate (still better than having nothing though)

Yeah, doesn’t work well without a tracking pod.