Catastrophic System Failure

I had no choice but to delete the program entirely. My last laptop had the exact issue I will describe, and eventually became inoperable due to the recovery process. This error occurs at completely random intervals, but usually either upon logging in, or even after closing the application, but sometimes within matches as well. I was unsure if this was a problem unrelated to WT since it would happen even after closing the game. What happens is my entire screen freezes. The power button does nothing. Ctrl-Alt-Del does nothing. The only way to recover the PC is a complete power cycle. As mentioned above, this process causes damage to the battery and surely other components after being repeated multiple times. I really want to play but I cannot accept that risk with my new computer as I also use it for many personal functions such as bill payment and school assignments. What could be causing such a random and catastrophic failure?

Further details:
-This event has only ever occurred on a PC with aces.exe installed.
-The client used is downloaded from Gaijin, not Steam
I thought it could be related to the age and wear on my old PC, but after upgrading to a new computer with no other apparent issues, the exact problem occurred within my first 2 hours of play time after installing