Casual player looking for a casual clan to grind squadron vehicles (mostly)

Hello there, I’m looking for a squadron for casual players that enjoy a friendly conversation every now and then. I prefer playing alone but I do like to chat with people with similiar interests and to ask for tips or advice.

Type of squadron you’re looking for: Casual
Modes you play: Naval Realistic; Ground Realistic; Air Arcade (that last one very rarely)
Type of vehicles you like playing the most: Navy, Ground
Preferred nations: all of them
Preferred game servers: EU
Age: 34
Preferred language: English, Dutch, Polish
Preferred controller type: Mouse + Keyboard
Timezone / available playing times: CET evenings
Preferred communication platform: Discord

Thanks in advance for taking me into consideration :)

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Hello brother! Did you ever find a squadron? If not, feel free to DM me on discord :) Big Tea#3015