Cassiopea class, Patrol Boat, Cassiopea P401

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The Cassiopea class of patrol boats made up of 4 units, which take their name from constellations (Cassiopea, Libra, Spica, Vega) was built in the late 80s, with tasks of surveillance and patrolling of the Italian seas.The characteristics of these patrol boats allow them to carry out supplementary and replacement activities in the role played by the Corvettes, in fact they replaced the old Corvettes of the “Albatros” class. The main armament of the Cassiopea is composed of 1 Oto-Melara 76/62 Enlarged cannon, with both fire and gun control systems coming from the disused “Rizzo” class frigates, 2 Oto Melara / Oerlikon KBA 25 / 80mm Gun and 2 MG 42/59 7.62mm machine guns, it is equipped with a flight deck and folding hangar to carry 1 AB-212 helicopter for anti-submarine warfare. Although this unit is of recent construction, its low speed and low power armament, it has many possibilities to be added to the Italian Naval Tech Tree without creating imbalances.

Crew: Officers, Second Chiefs, Sergeants and Seamen: 74

Full load: 1500 tons

Length: 81 m
Width: 11,8 m
Full Load Draft: 4 m

Engine System:
2 diesel engines GMT BL-230
3 diesel alternators Isotta Fraschini ID 36SS6V - 1 diesel emergency alternator Isotta Fraschini VM-V6130T
2 shafts with 2 five-blade propellers
Power: 7.835 HP
Speed: 16 knots (29,63 km/h)

4100 Nm (7593 km)

1 OTO Melara 76/62 mm Cannon
2 Oto Melara/Oerlikon KBA 25/80mm Gun (single systems)
2 MG 42/59 7,62mm machine guns (single systems)
1 Anti-Submarine helicopter AB-212

Electronic equipments:
1 SPN-748 surface search radar
1 SPS-702 surface search radar
1 SPG-70 fire control radar

7- (1)
4-Sketch of Power Assisted Mounting. Oto-Melara 25mm-80 KBA



Yes please! Italy needs all the boats! +1

I’m a fan of this one. One of the major issues common to most of the patrol ships armed with the OTO-Melara 76mm compact gun is lack of good secondary armament. The only one I can think of off the top of my head that fits the bill is the premium LE Orla. With two 25mm cannons protecting from planes and small boats, you can focus that single main gun where you really need it.

Pretty good armament +1

+1 very good armed boat