Caproni Vizzola F.6MZ

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Caproni Vizzola F.6MZ


History and description:

  • I present to you a version of the Caproni Vizzola F.6 (The MZ version, M for metal and Z for the experimental engine), designed in the early 1940s by the Italian company Caproni, but built by Vizzola Caproni.
    (Even if you find it written around without the M, but only with the Z, it is still the same plane, they are not two different models, on the contrary the F.6M version is a separate version, that version has a different engine)
    It was a single-engine low-wing fighter, the reason for its particularity was that it used an experimental engine called the 24-cylinder X-shaped Isotta Fraschini Zeta RC.24/60, later we will also talk about the engine to give some more information. The aircraft was an update of the previous aircraft, adding a completely metal structure, as well as two more Breda Safat machine guns, in total they became 4 machine guns positioned in the wings, in addition to the experimental Isotta Fraschini Zeta engine.
    When the plane was produced, it was competing with planes much faster than it, so the Zeta engine was tested on it, which was supposed to give it enough thrust to catch up with its contemporaries.

General characteristics:

  • Aircraft structure

    • Length: 9.25 m
    • Wingspan: 11.82 m
    • Height: 3.20 m
    • Empty weight: 1818 kg
    • Fully loaded weight: 2238 kg
  • Propulsion:

    • Engine and Power: 24 cylinders positioned in X Isotta Fraschini Zeta RC.24/60, air cooled [1250 hp (919 kW)]
  • Performance:

    • Max speed: 650 km/h
    • Autonomy: 1370 km
    • Maximum odds: 8 000
  • Armament:

    • 4x Breda Safat 12.7mm machine guns
  • Engine:

    • The Isotta Fraschini Zeta RC 35 experimental engine was a 24-cylinder (arranged in an X-shape) air-cooled aircraft engine developed in Italy. It was created for the new generation of 5 series fighters, but was only mounted on a few aircraft, mainly prototypes.

Why should it be in the game:

  • In my opinion it should be introduced into the game because it could be an excellent stop-gap aircraft, given that Italy needs original aircraft, it is not an OP aircraft, given that it is not even armed with cannons and could very well be inserted before the Reggiane fighters , Macchi or G.
Photos, drawings and more

Only photo with the different engine (Above)



Photos of the Isotta Fraschini Zeta engine (The photos below)




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  • P.S. If anyone has documents or photos, don’t mind passing them on to me, so I can add them to the suggestion (so I can enrich the post, I’ll tag you if I can).

+1, in the Reggiane line before the Re.2005

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+1 absolutely all the f6 versions


+1 Yes for X engine!

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Somehow zero Caproni aircraft in game already +1

A fun fighter if added

+1 but, well… could it fly without burning?