Can't vote on old forum topic - endless "Voting..."

I can’t vote for Adjustable decal visibility and selective disabling of problem decals - Passed for Consideration - War Thunder - Official Forum, but it doesn’t either tell me I can’t or fail, instead merely endlessly voting, supposedly.

I don’t think the old forums are still supported and they definitely aren’t still looked at. Voting there probably won’t be possible and it definitely won’t change anything. I’d recommend just recreating that topic on this new forum so further discussion can continue.


why are you trying to vote on something from 2015? if you have a suggestion start a new one. The old forums are there just to keep the data, nothing would come of voting for something that was 9 years old.

The suggestion was already passed to developers.
There’s nothing to vote for.

That suggestion was also implemented recently.

@Ravanos, because I support it.

The solution was to verify my Gaijin account e-mail address. I’ve voted on multiple polls.

It won’t matter in a year. Their gonna be shut down which likely means everything that was posted will be entirely erased. Which is still the dumbest decision I’ve seen. An archive of suggestions, things still not added etc. Never to be suggested again.

@SinisterIsRandom, I can see what I’ve voted on. It means that I can record what I’ve voted for when that date is announced. I can then resumbit those ideas to this Discourse instance.

I seriously doubt you’ve never heard of a less intelligent decision during your entire life. Don’t be dramatic.

They stated and these are their own words not quoted.
That the old forums will be shut down->Deleted. However, anything that was passed for consideration, approved, etc will be saved. However as I stated when I read their response it did not mention anything about the ones that were not passed for consideration.