Can't use my Ju 87 D-3

I just unlocked the ju 87 D-3 after the update but whenever I try to enter a battle with it it just says ‘Crew is not ready’ (This is once I reach the vehicle selection menu). Once I reach the pre-battle loading screen it also appears as if there are no bombs equipped. It also seems as if I can’t equip any bombs but I obviously can’t unlock them as I can’t play. Can anyone help?

Can you send a ss? Thanks!

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Oh damn that is really interesting, have you tried this in arcade? Also check if you have bombs purchased (You have to purchase ammunition to use it), to do that go into loadouts in the hanger, and click on the bombs.

This is obviously a bug, hopefully they fix it soon. :) but do try it in arcade and see if it works there

Already done that but thanks for the help :)

Yeah sorry I hope this gets fixed soon, sadly I don’t think you can do much about it, happy hunting!

If you have no loadout, create a custom one without bombs maybe then see if you can spawn without the bombs (I spaded mine and I can’t select no bombs, so if you create the preset maybe that’ll get you to be able to spawn it)

In the end i just used premium currency to get some bombs and play