Can't throttle up when holding C (Free-looking)

I am now unable to throttle up when holding C, but I can throttle down. I noticed that this happened after the recent update. Is this a bug, or did they add or change something somewhere in the settings?

It’s a bug. I need to hold down my WEP button but not being able to free look is annoying. I hope it’s fixed soon. Not much of a free look if it hinders you.

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Seems to be a bug, affects me as well.

re-bind or unbind anything that has the C key as a modifier. ex: ALT+C or CTRL+C in keybindings, should fix it.

I’m not able to throttle up with Shift when holding RMB (I have freelook on RMB). Been like that forever, it’s annoying

they added a guided bomb keybind using (Left Shift + C), unbinding it gave me back control while free looking.


Excellent this helped resolve this issue for me. Thank you :)

I’ll try this later. Thanks!