Can't start the game

Game doesn’t start after pressing the “play” button in the launcher. “api-ms-win-core-com-l1-1-0.dll not found”

After that, I downloaded the .dll file and put it in the system32 and sys64 folders. But when I clicked start, it showed a warning code (0x000007b). I repaired the file, uninstall it and re-install it, but I still couldn’t play.


me too ,i have WIN 7

me too ,win 10 ok

Same problem on Win7.

game launched with aces.exe located in gamefolder/win32/aces.exe

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use win32 aces.exe can play

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Thanks, yes it works, however it’s the 32 bit version of the engine (the 64 bit version has the error) and it circumvents the launcher so we’ll no longer receive updates.

Hopefully Gaijin fixes the problem for non-Win 11 users.

i did the same use of win32 aces.exe to play but… the game crashes when play …

I have the same problem (Windows 7).

Edit: After hotfix it is ok. Just run the client to update the game.

it seems fixed for me after downloading 0.6 GB of data
seems version was bugged

I had the same issue on console and it was my Microsoft account resigned in on that.