Can't start the game

I have the same problem (Windows 7). Running War Thunder directly from aces.exe doesn’t change anything.

it seems fixed for me after downloading 0.6 GB of data
seems version was bugged

Did you try launching aces.exe from the system32 folder within the warthunder game folder?
Also I cant confirm the post above this one yet as I’m not booting WT till tomorrow.

Friend of mine running 7 patched and was able to launch the game normally.

Nice, I’ll test mine tomorrow fingers crossed :)

I had the same issue on X Box. For me it was an issue with my Microsoft account, and I re-signed back in and it was fine then.

Not sure if that has anything to do with PC as I have never played on the PC.

Hotfix in the patch solved the issue for me when I checked this morning. Nice that it was fixed so quickly.


Win7 launching issue should be resolved in this patch:

THX Gaijin, it is working again :)