Cant research ikv 91 due to pbv?

as you can see i cannot research the ikv 91 even though it is not the 13th of november yet i hope we will get some sort of extension since i wasnt planning on grinding through another whole vehicle just to start on the ikv


Let me tell you that Pbv 501 is actually really good. You will be glad to have it in your line-up. I’ve spaded the ikv 91 and i think that the Pbv 501 is more worth it than the ikv 91. so don’t complain its good

You cant really research IKV-91 because of rank lock (you can see it to the left 5/6), before adding Pbv 501 it would require you just 5 vehicles to be able to unlock next rank, now its 6, which is dumb IMO because if there was no rank loco you would be still given acvess to IKV-91, basically what im saying its two mechanics cancelling each other.

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welp more 5.7 suffering for me it is then

Unfortunately, yes.
Wish you good luck in grind.
Theres game modes against bots where you can try your luck to get good boosters, or you can buy some from battlepass shop. They might help you in grind.

it would be fine if they didnt just hit APDS for guns under 105 if they werent nerfed i could at least hold y own in the uptiers but now i have to hope they dont see me

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