Can't put out fires?

Hi. I’m new to top tier, so I apologize if this is a stupid question, but I find it very confusing. I got the Leopard 2a4 premium and every time my tank catches fire, I can’t put it out with the fire extinguisher. In my last game, a teammate successfully helped me, but I can’t manage the fire myself, even if I use both charges of the extinguisher. Is this how it should work? Do i need to run to a teammate for help with some types of fires? or is this a bug?

Can you record the issue?

Is it the ammo burning? because that just has to burn out.

Here. You can see i used the fire extinguisher and fire was still there. Then i stood still waiting for the fire extinuisher to reload. On the replay it shows it’s already reloaded but when i was playing the game it wasn’'t. Then my teammate arrives, my 2nd fire extinguisher charge is suddenly used but so is the fire. It was the first time my tank hasn’t burned out while i stood helplessly.

When you are hit on the ammo with a Leo 2+ tank turn de turret 90º of the chassi (dont matter if it is left or right), dont leave the fire on top of the engine, you only cause a infinite fire in you engine bay until the ammunition is finished exploding.

I been hit some days ago in the ammo of the turret, I leave you here the video of how to act:

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Alright got it, the fire can spread. Thank you for the response and the detailed guide. :D

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No problem, we are here to help eachother

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