Can't purchase German C.200 Saetta

I have the German CR.42 and thought why not get the foldered C.200 Saetta serie 3? After researching it and trying to order, I get a message stating that I haven’t researched the G.50. Anyone knows a workaround, or does this need to be a bug report?

To buy something you need to research the previous vehicle. In your case, probably, you were here already around the start of the game, when C.200 was behind Cr.42. You researched the latter, then started the research of the C.200 with at least 1 RP.

Then time passed, G.50 was introduced to the game (or maybe replaced), to between Cr.42 and C.200.

More time passed, the Italian planes were hidden in the German tree. If a vehicle is hidden, you can see it if you have it, or you started the research.

Because you did not started the research for the G.50, you cannot see it, but it is there. You cannot start its research, and without finishing that you cannot buy it or the C.200. Youre screwed.

Its not fair, but this is how it should work.

You can maybe try to report it, but idk if there is anything possible to do here.

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Yeah it’s such a non-issue that I doubt anything will be done about it. Oh well.

No idea how to edit old posts in the new forum, but with the newest Attila update I can now buy the C.200. I sometimes feel like Gaijin is in my walls lmao