Can't post in suggestions

I’ve tried 3 times to post something in suggestions but my topic gets deleted everytime for no reason while I’m doing nothing wrong, or at least I get no feedback at all. Which means the same.

Why can’t I post? Anyone else getting targeted like this?

I see 1 post in machinery of war, which posts are you referring to?

There could be a few reasons why, first all the suggestions passed have to be pre-moderated by the suggestion mods before they can be approved, this is to stop overlapping suggestions and the endless supply of people just putting “Gaijin add F-22/ B36/ Eurofighter” that provide no useful insight to the vehicle itself.

There are then three ways this could have affected your suggestions, first is that the suggestions simply haven’t been approved yet, you can see this by going to your profile and selecting your pending posts section on your activity section as shown below (if it does not appear then you have no suggestions pending iirc)

Second is that perhaps your suggestions have already been submitted by someone else, always try checking in the Previously suggested sections of wherever you are submitting to tell if they have already been submitted, if so then your suggestions will always be denied no matter what quality or quantity they are.

Third is that possibly your suggestions just are not good enough to be accepted, you can require quite a lot of information and effort to get a suggestion accepted and a lot of people (not necessarily you) just write a statement saying “I think X vehicle should be added because Y reason” which is doesn’t provide any useful info on the vehicle at all, if you arent sure if your suggestions are good enough, either consult a Suggestion mod or compare yours to other suggestions made by other people, i’ve listed a few of my own and others for your reference.

As I said if you need help writing suggestions always feel free to DM a suggestion mod or alternatively most Suggestion makers will happily help you with making one, if you want feel free to DM me about the suggestions if you need help or other Creators such as AvrovulcanXH558, Il_Signor_regio or others as they are all great people who will help you as much as they can.

reference suggestions

Air - de Haviland Sea Vixen FAW.1: Ugly yet Beautiful
Ground - Leopard 1A5NO - The Norwegian Army's updated Leopard 1
Naval - HMS King George V (1945 refit)
Heli - Westland Lynx HAS.2: Westland's cat goes to Sea (i)


Referring to a post that doesn’t exist obviously, but it’s about making all machine guns work instead of only the turret or top ones.

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Thanks a lot for the info, my topic may not be a huge deal but also it would be really censoring to remove it just because it doesn’t matter enough to one mod. As far as I know there’s no other suggestions about it and i’t been waiting for almost 10 years to be completed, second there’s no pending suggestions. They are simply removed. Also, it’s a really broken system if you get no feedback at all.

I’ll try to ask a suggestion mod.

Its not broken, hundreds of suggestions get denied every month, can you imagine how much work that would be for the suggestion mods to send everyone feedback, especially when they have just denied the same one sentence type suggestion for the 20th time, you have to remember that These people are all volunteers and do not get paid for spending their time moderating suggestions if you ask they are normally more than happy to give you feedback, they just don’t have time to individually tell everyone why its been denied

Don’t take offense, I understand your point. But there’s simple drop-down menus that could be implemented for these kind of things, coming from someone that’s quite familiar with helpdesks and such. There it is, another suggestion!!! Anyways few systems are perfect, and I point those kind of things out.

people have enquired before about such things for feedback but we’ve been told its just not possible with the new forums

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Sounds more like laziness tbh and money. Still never understood how adding something such as that costs anything tbh. But then that is just me.

its not about money its the fact that it just isn’t possible to have have the system give feedback to each and every person getting suggestions denied, plus if you just get a generic response like “not enough detail” then how are you meant to accurately know whats wrong without DMing a Suggestion mod anyway, in my experience you are always going to end up talking to one of the mods anyway to find out where you can improve on so why have the middle ground?

Or get muted. The last time I tried to make a suggestion, I got muted for several days. Which i still see it as an abuse of power cause it was, though was while back so shrug. That and it was mostly about getting all the flags in the UK to be added. Cause I generally still find it extremely dumb that it has to be nation flags only. With the 2 exceptions being the Flag Of Scotland and Alabama(Naval)at least i believe it was that state, don’t entirely recall.

They could at least make it more intuitive/obvious.

I saw a great “I’m throwing my money away!” inscription decal on a 109 in this video. I thought it looked neat so I submitted it and the first post just disappeared with no notification or anything. Thinking it was a bug, I submitted it a second time a few days later and had the same thing happen again. I had to do some googling to find this thread with and explanation of what seems to have happened.

In my case my suggestion was deleted (they say they never delete posts, but if no one can see it it’s pretty much the same thing) because it “didn’t have enough words”. So I made it longer without adding much more context because the request was really quite simple and boom. Now I have a pretty popular topic with almost all voters voting yes and no one posing a valid reason not to add it.

Yes they should be clear as to what happend because the way it is now is just wrong. Minimum requirements for a post are also hard to find if there are any at all.

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