Can't play with friends anymore

As the title says I can no longer play with my friend who is on Xbox because “he needs to enable crossplay” which he already has done and I’ve played with him many times before. Guess you really want to lose your player base this much.

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Would like to have this option on pc too… You know… To disable it.

I dont want to disable it I want to be able to play with him

Has to be something at his end, because as a PC Player you can’t do anything to exclude Consoles.

He should check twice if it’s actually enabled. Check the game files or reinstall it and last but not least he should check his Connection/Router, maybe his NAT is restricted or smth.

The thing is we have been playin together but now this update just ruined it completely. Its deff on warthunders side because he can join me via squadron but thats the only way he can join me

Maybe Gaijin effed up something Xbox related.

Wouldn’t be the first time, because there’s a similar problem on PC on a regular basis, like friend list / Clan List temporary not working, so you couldn’t play with friends.

Just ask him to open a ticket and let him ask the official support what the problem could be.

I have recently started to get this issue as well, but even when playing with my friend who is another XBox player. When I squad up with him and try to start a battle I get a message stating that my friend does not have crossplay disabled. I also do not have it disabled - it is clearly enabled in my XBox settings, but War Thunder has disabled it on me or acts like it is disabled. It also explains why I was seeing so few players waiting to play & was getting lots of matches with mostly bots - it was because I was only looking for other XBox players and no PC or Playstation. Very Annoying.

However, what I found to be a temporary fix is for me to not just shut down my XBox but also unplug it for about 30sec so it totally powers down and clears all memory to fully reset. Then when I start it back up and get into WT without the quick start it runs fine with crossplay properly enabled. I never used to have to do this - the problem only started a few days ago, or maybe as long as a week, but not much longer than that.

Gaijin - something is messed up with cross-play for XBox players when using the quick-start to get into the game. Please fix it, so XBox players don’t need to keep totally powering down their console before starting WT every day!

I have also submitted a ticket to gaijin for this issue.

Dumb that I need to reply to my own post to add this comment because I cannot edit my post (or if there is a way it is certainly not obvious which is just as dumb). I still can’t believe how anyone would think it a good idea to not allow people to update or correct their own posts until they reach some stupid trust level.

Yes. I would like to disable cross play. Console players are the worst!