Can't pay by Paypal purchase of Golden Eagles because "@" sign doesn't work in Paypal email


I am at the Paypal payment screen in game (to purchase Golden Eagles). I try to type my Paypal email addresse using en AZERTY keyboard, but the “@” key doesn’t work!
I need to press “Alt GR”+ 0 to select the “@” symbol.
Therefore I am stuck at this process. I never had this problem before.
What can I do?

Cant you copy the @ sign from anywhere Else?

You are talking on this window?

Zrzut ekranu 2024-06-08 111858

Yes. I access the Paypal screen from in game, not through an external browser like Google Chrome.
I just managed to pass the order but from Google Chrome, not from in game…(and I purchased a Japanse tank and I didn’t know I had to buy the previous one first!!!So frustrating)…

TBH I am not sure what you mean with buying previous one first.
Still, if you have any issues with in game purchase, please send ticket to Support via this page:
(log in, send ticket).

Hello. Is it possible to cancel an order?