Cant open war thunder anymore

Ive tried over and over to fix my War Thunder launcher, as it progressively got worse and worse, to the point where i couldnt even open War Thunder through the actual launcher without it freezing and saying the program stopped working. I uninstalled the launcher and moved over to steam, hoping it would fix the issues. It has not, I dont know if its my system (I run windows 11) or if its the launcher itself, but even steam wont launch war thunder, and I dont know how to fix it.

To note, it has been going on since around late march/april of this year.

To also note, i used to be able to “fix” it by analyzing the files, and after that was done i could then login into the game and play with no problems, but now even if I do that, it doesnt work.

When was the last time you updated your graphics driver? There is a thread here about people fixing their game crashes with new driver update.

didnt even think about that, gonna update then see if it helps, thx bigman

@CptBolo thanks so much, didnt even think about the driver till you said that, it started up successfully due to the update, I will update here if anything else happens tho!

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