Can't launch VR

I have been playing WarThunder in VR an absolute boat load for the past few months and it has worked flawlessly every time until this major update which has made it only ever launch in flat screen mode.
When activating VR within the graphics options it just shrinks the game down until you alt tab back in and it is still in flat screen mode. Deactivating Easy Anti Cheat does not affect it at all.
I see BORlS1 had the exact same problem back in 2021but there was nothing in the forum stating if it was ever fixed. I’ve already tried launching with and without both Oculus and Steam VR set as the OpenXR default

Old forum post:

I’ll attach the logs

2024_06_28_19_50_29__15680.clog (967.7 KB)

2024_06_29_13_53_43__21960.clog (1011.6 KB)