Can't get a Nuke

Hi guys,

I had pretty nice game now and I couldnt get a nuke even with 16 kills and i don’t know why so I came here to ask what’s the reason?

You used a good bit of SP to respawn. It’s not a certain amount of kills needed to get it, it’s a certain amount of SP (2500 to be exact). If you had not respawned and got that many kills you could have gotten it, plus have some to spare

Damn, I thought I had enough. Probably because i have MBTs in line up, thanks for the info.

Yeah. If you had only respawned like 1 maybe 2 times you could have had it :)

This time I didnt die and still no nuke, what now :)

Can you put a link on here?

Also you have to spawn in it. You don’t just get it like that. Oh, you also have to be at 6.7 and higher

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I know, you get that button for it but its greyed out, I played with T72B3, and how do i put the link?

Hmm idk then. Is it realistic or arcade?

You can do it from here or straight from the game files

think this is the one, its realistic

Okay I’ll take a look

Edit: Okay after looking at your replay all that I could think of is that you were just slightly off from getting it. I’m sorry

If you don’t have 2500 spawn points then you can’t use it. End of discussion.

11 kills no deaths and not 2500 points?