Can't enter own created chat

Hey there, as of lately I have encounterd this issue a few times. The moment i create a recruitment post it does put it up. There is 1 person in the chat, yet it aint me. The person starting it is me, yet its a weird code. I can’t seem to shut them down, and I can’t enter them manually. Is there a way to solve this issue?

Try relog… LONG ago, the old numbers as your nickname meant you were actually having connection and chat server issues…

(edit - It’s even crazy because when you right click your numbers in there, you can check your player card and send a message to you and it shows you as normal name)

Ah, while ago i tried the same but didnt do anything. Now it did. My vpn starts up rightaway and fucks up chat. I ussually shut it down and the chat seems to “stabilize” yet my account doesnt i gues. I assume VPN breaks more than you like. ^^

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Yea, check where that VPN is connecting to, as you could optimize it by picking a closer access point maybe.

But yea, good to see you’ve got something to work along and some more knowledge about it :)

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