Cant buy GE in Gajin Store with Paypal

Hey, i cant buy GE in the Gajin Store with Paypal. If i select Paypal im stuck in the “Make Transaction” tab. It didnt turn blue and isnt clickable…

Does anyone have a solution for this Problem?

Write to support?

First question:
I’m the only one who has this problem? So its a bug for me/my account or is this maybe a Problem for other players as well?

I have it too and so do 3 of my mates, i’ve already put in a ticket with support

ok thanks for the information. So i hope Gajin will fix it soon

Same problem, can’t get premium.
Haven’t played today for that reason as I only get a fraction of the RP, as of right now it has cost me 150k RP, meaning everyone else is getting competitive top tier planes ahead of me and will be shrekking me on unequal terms.

If Gaijin wants me buying anything again they owe me that 150k (and counting) RP for the MiG-29 SMT.

Seems to be a problem on Gaijins end, or possibly Braintree (one of PP’s services) As it’s not a browser issue as I asked around and people with different browsers said the same.

Same issue here, any news??

Glad to know I haven’t gone insane, I put in a support ticket too. Hopefully it’ll be resolved soon

We’re aware of the issue and are looking into this

It has been fixed now, thanks for reporting!

what about visa card? it says the card is declined, everywhere else the card is working just fine. debit card the same. And also same with bank transfer, it says i couldnt login but i can login on the regular website…

I have the same problem, I was going to buy GE with bank card and always got declined