Cannot use Skyflash in FG1 with Aim9

I’ve edited and recreated custom load-outs, and I cannot get a mixture of AIM9 and Skyflash DF on my British Phantom FG1. When I go into battle or test, it shows them as all AIM9. Any ideas?

Partially resolved - the binding ALT-S does not work. Used ALT-Q, and that allowed me to select a secondary. However, it still initially shows 8xAIM-9G not 4xSkyFlash and 4xAIM-9G

Able to share some screenshots?

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No problem - one is the selection screen, then when I enter battle, and finally, after I make a secondary selection.

Just jumped into my FG1 to make sure no random bug introduced this update, and i’ve got nothing on my end. So lets run through some troubleshooting.

Based upon your screenshots. You were in weapon selection and had Skyflash selected. But when you switched weapons you exited weapon selection and have no weapons actually selected in the third screenshot. This makes me think you’ve got a keybind double set.

So let’s start with keybindings:

If you want to use weapon selection, you’ll need a binding for:

  • Fire secondary weapon - This is the main button you’ll press to fire
  • Switch Secondary weapon - This is the main keybind to switch secondary weapon

Make sure this binding is not double set:

  • Exit selected weapon mode

This setting will exit you out of weapon selection. it is still handy to have set to something though, as Bomb Series only works with Weapon selection disabled

I also recommend setting a binding for:

  • Secondary weapon ripple Quantity - This is handy if you want to drop your bomb load without using Bomb series or manually release each bomb one at a time.
  • Weapon lock (Air-to-air) - This can be a better way of arming your air to air missiles. I find that arming them via “Fire Secondary weapon” can be a little buggy at times.

When it says “8 Aim-9G” its just showing that you have 8 AAMs and the next missile that would be fired if you pressed “Fire air-to-air missile” or armed using "Weapon lock (Air-to-air) would be Aim-9Gs. Dont worry, your Skyflash are actually still there.

This is what it should look like:


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Thank you for the information, @Morvran! Kind of you to check it out and post the video.

Sorry, I didn’t realize the screenshots were out of order - #2 is after I select a secondary weapon; #3 is the initial view (8*AIM-9G). My original key bind for secondary selection was ALT-S, but that doesn’t work - ALT-Q does. Both are currently listed. I don’t have a binding for “Exit selected weapon mode”. I use ALT-X for weapon lock air-to-air, and that is working fine. I’m good - back in the game and having fun!
Thanks again!

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