Cannot unlink account for the past year

Gaijin, I am unable to purchase any packs from the store or partake in any sales or use the gaijin market place due to my account being linked to my Xbox account a long time ago. However I am aware it is possible to transfer my Xbox account to pc so I can purchase packs. As of now I have no access to my xbox account and do not have my console so am unable to spend any money or purchase pack vehicles or use sales. I would like to use my money to support the game and get a vehicle however for the past year and couple months support has locked all transfers to PC. I have patiently waited for an update on this matter but there has been none for the past year and a few months and yet there has been no updates on this matter for such a long time and this disallows player such as me from supporting your game. Please updates would be welcome or clarity as the sales are right now and I have been waiting for an entire year for this “ban” on transfers to PC to go away so I can support this game. Thanks :)

This also appears to be a common issue and would be greatly appreciated if a temporary return of this service would happen so players can support your game such as last year during this season before sales end. Any updates on this would be appreciated if you guys are looking at this issue at all