Cannot Pull the Plane After Last Patch

Before I could easily pull 11G when flying at 0.9M with Hunter F58, now I cannot turn because its too heavy to turn especially at the top speed (like after 1000 km/h)!

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It is a known bug. It has been reported and the devs know about it. Hopefully it gets fixed soon.

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OK thanks then.

I also added the link of discussion about the issue:
The Topic

Omfg… All day im so fck angry cuz i thought i just forgot how to play F104A when i sleeped. C’mon what a stupid idiot let it out update without checking stuff like that…

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I have done a 90mb update rn and when I try my HunterF58 in test drive and in a match, it seems fixed, check your planes guys!

The g91 r/3 (tech tree germany) is also victim to this phenomena

Yep its fixed, F-104A fly like earlier

That was quick